How to start a business and fill your 'seats' every day

June 25, 2018

Let’s talk about what really happens when you start your business. You get caught up in the delivery of the service, you need to get the right ingredients in pace and the right people and processes. People you can rely on and that’s not always that easy. You work night and day, the freedom is gone and you’re working harder than you ever have to get your business, your baby off the ground. You kind of get sucked in to the day to day operation and start looking inwardly to your business when you know that you need to put more focus on out there where your clients, guests and customers are.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine instead, you have time off with the kids, your partner, take vacation and still have a business to come back to. In fact your business is growing and you are starting to see the benefits of the chance you took.


Imagine instead that this is your business – filled every day with happy chatter, people coming up to you and thanking you for opening in this community, thanking you. What would that do to your business and your bank balance?


OK but wait…that’s not always your reality is it? Here’s why.

Its not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. But I can show you how to turn this around.


Many people ask me how I have done it. Build a successful tea room business in just a few short years? Even the World Tea Expo has invited me to speak on how I got started and how I get the visibility I have had for my business. Like how did I end up doing an etiquette class for the Colts Mascot? How did I end up winning the business so I could deliver to the State House afternoon tea to the now 2nd Lady. How did I manage to open a second location and still get great reviews online. How do I get the TV & media coverage I get? In the UK how did I get to be number one in my industry, from being ranked Number 1 on Google, to being asked to write a book by a publisher, to being invited to partner with one of the UK's largest paint manufacturers and a National new home builder; to being invited to be an expert on numerous TV shows both in the UK and USA. I have more than proven this methodology works across continents and across industries.


I’ve been following a formula based out of necessity and developed over time in both the UK and USA and in 2 very different markets.


If you’re anything like me, when you start your business you have no money for advertising, but you know you need clients who keep coming back time and time again in order for you to pay your bills and cover your overheads, so you rely on word of mouth but that just isn’t happening fast enough and your reach isn’t far enough and soon you’ll run out of money and have to borrow just so you can keep afloat.


There are just 3 steps you need to do. Would you like me to share them with you right now?


There is only 3 things you should ever be doing in your business – just 3 simple things.


1. Serving your clients, guests or customers,


2. Managing costs down and

3. V I S I B I L I T Y!

Now visibility can be confused with selling and advertising and producing marketing materials (sometimes called marketing). But I can explain all that later.


How do I know this? I was in your shoes not that long ago and I turned it all around.

And now this is my life…I have a full tearoom, a full order book, whatever that looks like in your business…and none of this would have happened if I hadn’t decided to make visibility a priority and not an afterthought.


This may be the first time you’ve though of getting that visible in your business. The thought of being on TV may scare the heck out of you. You may wonder if this would work for you. Well, I can tell you I followed this process in the UK in a very different industry and it still worked.


Now can you quickly do this on your own? You could like me, years ago, do this as an afterthought, on a adhoc basis and take the visibility as it comes or you can do it deliberately by following the system I have developed for my own business which has 10x my marketing and helped my business to grow by 50% each year for 4 years running, while not having to work any more hours. In fact this system has allowed me to get time back so I can teach the system to others just like you.

It doesn’t have to take the years it took me to work this out.


If you'd like to get one on one coaching with me I can help. If you'd like to hear one of my talks, then look out for a presentation in your area. If you'd like me to speak at an event your hosting email me. If you'd like to come on one of my 3 day mastermind intensive retreats - then reach out. You don't have to work it out for yourself. And as I always say - "There are no dumb questions in business - just stuff you've not figured out yet" - so please just ask.


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