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International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Performance Consultant

I have benefited enormously from Tina's extensive promotional knowledge. If you get the chance to see her speak or to benefit from her expertise then please take the opportunity. Tina will deliver for you!

Tina was a very successful entrepreneur in the UK with a staging franchise. She took this business from a small start-up to a large franchise. Relocating her family to the US has been Tina's most recent challenge and she has risen to the occasion. Tina is conscientious an very creative in all aspects of her life. I will hope to call on Tina's expertise to help train and motivate my employees as well as my clients.


Senior Director of Global Sourcing at WD-40 Company

Tina, has garnered great respect from her peers and has always shown great aptitude and responsiveness coupled with attention to detail. Tina builds long term positive relationships will all those she interacts with. I would not hesitate in recommending Tina. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Valued Partnerships



Mayor of Jasper, Indiana

Tina and I have worked together to grow the Indiana chapter of the National Speakers Association. I am always amazed about how quickly Tina can ramp up for a project and get results.


Executive Coach & Coach Supervisor, Leadership Specialist, Speaker, Author and Polar Adventurer

I invited Tina to come and speak to a group of women entrepreneurs on her experience in starting and growing her business. She was a fantastic speaker, and shared both the highs and the lows of her experiences with the group. She is clearly focused, capable and showed that with commitment and determination you can achieve anything you want to. I recommend her as an inspiring and entertaining speaker.


Tina was kind enough to consult with me on refining my business plan. She was very adept at prioritizing and was helpful in categorizing the importance level of a large list of action items. She is firm while still being kind, has a very positive energy and I'd love to work with her again.

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